Graduate School Dean Barbara Knuth chats with students at the 2015 Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) Classroom Research and Teaching Symposium.

CIRTL at Cornell is a collaborative effort housed in the Graduate School, with partnership from faculty, staff, and student advisors.

Administrative Leadership

Principal Investigator and Institutional Leader for CIRTL at Cornell:
Barbara Knuth, Dean of the Graduate School; Professor of Natural Resource Policy

Executive Director and Administrative Co-Leader for CIRTL at Cornell:
Colleen McLinn, Executive Director for CIRTL at Cornell, The Graduate School

Staff and Consultants

Kimberly Williams (kw299@cornell.edu), CIRTL Teaching Support Specialist

Anat Barnea (ab2842@cornell.edu), Temporary Professional Development Program Assistant

Prior Leadership

Susan Henry, Dean Emerita of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics (Co-PI and Co-Chair of CIRTL at Cornell Advisory Board: 2012-2016)

Jed Sparks, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Co-PI and Co-Chair of CIRTL at Cornell Advisory Board: 2012-2016)

Theresa Pettit, Past Director, Center for Teaching Excellence (CIRTL at Cornell Steering Committee Member: 2012-2017)

CIRTL at Cornell Contact Information:

CIRTL at Cornell
Cornell University Graduate School
325 Caldwell Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: 607-255-2030

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