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CIRTL at Cornell


Graduate School Dean Barbara Knuth chats with students at the 2015 Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) Classroom Research and Teaching Symposium.

CIRTL at Cornell is a collaborative effort housed in the Graduate School, with partnership from faculty, staff, and student advisors.

Administrative Leadership

Principal Investigator and Institutional Leader for CIRTL at Cornell:
Barbara Knuth, Dean of the Graduate School; Professor of Natural Resource Policy

Executive Director and Administrative Co-Leader for CIRTL at Cornell:
Colleen McLinn, Executive Director for CIRTL at Cornell, The Graduate School

Staff and Consultants

Kimberly Williams (, Temporary CIRTL Teaching Support Specialist

Katya Hrichak (, Graduate School Communications Assistant

Azucena Ortega (, Professional Development Program Assistant

Carolyn Headlam, Temporary Professional Development Program Assistant (Summer 2019)

Prior Leadership

Susan Henry, Dean Emerita of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics (Co-PI and Co-Chair of CIRTL at Cornell Advisory Board: 2012-2016)

Jed Sparks, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Co-PI and Co-Chair of CIRTL at Cornell Advisory Board: 2012-2016)

Theresa Pettit, Past Director, Center for Teaching Excellence (CIRTL at Cornell Steering Committee Member: 2012-2017)

Nancy Wells, Associate Professor of Design and Environmental Analysis (CIRTL at Cornell Steering Committee Rotating Member: 2015-2017)

CIRTL at Cornell Contact Information:

CIRTL at Cornell
Cornell University Graduate School
325 Caldwell Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: 607-255-2030