Kimberly WilliamsDr. Kimberly Williams

Address: 325 Caldwell Hall (available by appointment)

Dr. Kimberly Williams is a CIRTL Teaching Support Specialist, with a part-time appointment devoted to instruction and mentoring of graduate students and postdocs pursuing research into effective teaching and learning. She has spent over 25 years teaching and researching in higher education. She recently published a book on the topic entitled, Doing Research to Improve Teaching and Learning: A Guide for College and University Faculty. She is the author of nine books and several articles on education-related topics. She coordinates the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Practitioner program for CIRTL at Cornell, edits a Classroom Research working paper series, and helps coordinate an annual conference for graduate students and postdocs to present their scholarship. She has a Ph.D. in Foundations of Education and a Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration.

Katya Hrichak

Headshot of Katya Hrichak

Address: 350 Caldwell Hall

Katya Hrichak is the Communications and Outreach Assistant for CIRTL at Cornell and the Graduate School. She has spent the past seven years writing in various capacities, including working as a reporter with several newspapers, a student writer in her college’s Marketing and Communications Department, and a social media coordinator with a small business in her hometown. Among other tasks and assignments, she now helps produce emailed marketing content, print marketing collateral, written content for the web, and helps keep both CIRTL at Cornell and the Graduate School’s websites up to date.

Professional Development Program Assistant

Address: 384 Caldwell Hall

Currently vacant.

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