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CIRTL at Cornell

Travel and Training Programs

Travel Funding (Teaching-Related)

  • CIRTL at Cornell Travel Grants – CIRTL at Cornell participants can apply for travel grants to further training in teaching (up to $500) or present a Teaching as Research project beyond Cornell (up to $1000).
  • CIRTL Network Exchange Program – CIRTL at Cornell participants who have completed a Teaching as Research project can apply for a fully funded visit to one of 40 research universities to give a research and teaching talks and network with disciplinary colleagues; applications accepted at any time. Cornellians should inquire with
  • CIRTL Network Summer Teaching Institutes – Spanning May-August, you can apply to attend 2- to 5-day institutes at institutions such as Drexel, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, or the University of Colorado at Boulder. Cornell graduate students and postdocs may contact about a travel grant application.

Higher Education Conferences

Future Faculty Recruitment and Training Institutes